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Dry Falls Workshop

Where: Dry Falls, Highlands, NC

Directions: Coming from Highlands, take Hwy 64 west for just over 3 miles from it’s intersection with Hwy 106. Pass or stop at Bridal Veil Falls, then look for a brown and white forest service sign for Dry Falls and turn left into the parking area. If you miss the 1st turn into the parking area, you can take the next one on the left. If you are coming from Franklin, Dry Falls is about 5.5 miles past Cullasaja Falls. There’s a Forest Service sign coming from this way also. Both waterfalls are on the Cullasaja River
The steps down to the falls are at the west end of the parking area at the entrance to the wheelchair accessible area. Everything below the parking area is basically the same as it was. The walkway needs help, so watch your step. You can walk behind this 70-80′ falls! The path is maybe about 30 ft below the top of the falls and it seems like it’s a longer way down to the river below than to the top. You may be able to see a rainbow if you and the sun are in the right position. The spray from the falls may get you wet when you walk behind it, so have somewhere to hide your camera or anything you don’t want to get wet. (info taken from NC waterfalls)

Please search on google to become familiar as we will start on time.

When: Sunday Oct 23 2016   /inclement weather day to be determined   

Time: 4:30PM

Details:  This is geared toward the advanced beginner to the intermediate skill level. Please bring your gear including a DSLR and your tripod (TRIPOD is a must). If you have any filters such as  Neutral Density filter as well as Polarizing filters please bring those as well. You will need at the very least the basic skills of photographer under your belt, that is to say you normally shoot in AV, TV or S, or M mode regularly or have a strong desire to get out of P mode. Please bring your MANUAL and become familiar with how to move around your camera, I find that most people are at a disadvantage only because they don’t know how to get into the different menu settings of their camera. Please practice this before the workshop! We will introduce ourselves briefly and then start to discover and unlock the tricks to photographing a successful silky waterfall.  I will go over composition, useful settings, and what makes a well composed waterfall image.  I will spend private time with each of you. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. I will have extra filters, but as you know, they are lens size specific.  If the weather works with us, you will leave with super shots of the the Falls and will have had a great time learning new skills that you will then need to put into practice! Included in this is a screencast tutorial of my workflow using one of the images of the day. Processing properly is as important as composing and capturing a good image.

Requirements: In the event that the weather does not permit us to hold the event, we will move to the inclement weather date. By signing up, you agree that you can be available for both dates. If you are unable to make both dates please let me know in advance and I will do my best to work with you on another upcoming workshop. Refunds are only given in the event I have an unforeseen circumstance or an act of Nature prevents a safe environment to hold the workshop. You will need at the very least a DSLR and a tripod. Other important things to consider, good footwear that grips the earth, bug spray, sunglasses and sunblock, rain gear for both yourself and your gear. I am hoping there will be little sun during our shoot, which is why I am doing this late in the day for this waterfall!

Cost: $75 per person paid here at the time of sign up. Also includes my screencast video tutorial of my workflow in post production. This is usually approximately an hour long.

Disclaimer: By purchasing this event you agree and understand that you are over the age of 18 and fully understand and accept responsibility for yourself and will not hold Deborah Scannell Photography responsible for any injuries, accidents, theft, loss or damage to you, your car, and or any photography equipment.  


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