Pet’s Profile

  1. What is your pet’s name?
  2. How old is your pet?
  3. Is this a rescue pet or did you purchase privately?
  4. What are your pet’s favorite things to do?
  5. Do they know any tricks?
  6. Is your pet OK on a leash?
  7. What words are sure to make your pet’s ears perk up?
  8. Does you pet have any bad habits?
  9. Would you consider your pet outgoing or shy?
  10. How are they around other dogs or strangers?
  11. How do you plan to use these images? (web only, large print, small print, as gifts, fine art for walls)
  12. Do you have any specific types of shots that you would want me to take? ( on their favorite sofa or chair, outdoor at their favorite place to dig, by a lake)
  13. Would you like to have any vintage looks or black and white shots taken?
  14. Do you have any particular outfits or special hats you would like them photographed in? If so please have them ready.
  15. Does your pet prefer the indoors or outdoors?
  16. Who will be coming to the session and will they be included in the photo?
  17. Does your pet have any food allergies?
  18. What can I do to make your shoot super fun for your pet?
  19. How did you hear about me?

Just a quick note before we should meet!  PLEASE exercise your pet prior to the photo shoot. This will help to keep them calm and attentive without them begin over anxious!


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