Pet Photography Info

20121109-_MG_2016-EditMy approach is to capture your pet’s personality in a way that suits your pet and ensures comfort along with safety. In some cases, bringing your pet to a studio with lots of lights can make them nervous and anxious. My desire is to keep your pet at ease, whether in their own surroundings or outdoors at a park where they can feel free and natural.

Our pets have personalities, as we know… my job is to bring theirs out, making them feel as comfortable as possible! Getting to know your pet is an important part of this process.  Patience is key and taking many shots ensures the expression of personality, both during action shots while playing or while sitting quietly.

20121224-_MG_8836-2-EditLocation is your choice and it could be your garden, favorite park, or another arranged site. Pet safety is very important to me. If we are in a public area, leashes are recommended and will be edited out of final image.  Studio shoots are available at my studio if your pet is suited for the environment. We could always start their and then if they are uncomfortable and their personality is not shining through, we could move to the outside where I have a wooded area and lots of grass for them to run in.

A “Pet’s Profile” is a tool used to help me understand your pets personality, likes, and dislikes. This will help to ensure fun for all, as well as facilitate capturing creative and memorable shots of you pet! This can be downloaded from my gallery site at  or can be accessed here from the pet photography info section, simply click on pets profile.

A quick note: Please exercise your pet prior to the shoot! They should be groomed and looking their best, If they have any favorite toys please bring them along.

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