Majestic Morning Spent With A Young Bull Elk, in Oconaluftee Visitors Center at the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway 2013

Majestic Morning with a Young Bull Elk –
What a perfect way to end the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway Drive in the very early hours! Shot at the Oconaluftee Visitors Center just as the sun started to rise and began to throw color all over the sky as the fog lay gently in the field. Captured Oct 21, 2013 around 6:45 AM.

Young Bull Elk


So I planned to arrive at Cades Cove by 7:45 on this morning. I am not upset that my efforts were thwarted by this Fella!!! Captured at the Oconaluftee Visitors Center around 6:45. I spent about 45 minutes with him and then the 6 x 6 Bull came out for a few minutes before he ran off into the river. Check my facebook page for that shot!

My heart was pounding and I kept thinking to myself, check your composition, check your settings, check around you…last time I found these guys, I was so excited and was very disappointed to find my setting were not good and I did not capture them in the way I wanted to… I made sure if I encountered again I would concentrate on that part along with enjoying the moments. It was cold, foggy and my feet were frozen right through my hiking Keens. It is amazing how you don’t feel any of that until afterwards… Living in the moments my friends, living in the moment!


Mature 6 x 6 Bull Elk – This fella came out towards the end of my time spent with the above Younger Bull.  I spent about 45 minutes with this guy and Had a blast. It was so amazing to just be within the same space with him as he grazed in the morning fog.  What an honor!

6x6 Bull Elk-1

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