Ginger the Ferocious Cat of Biltmore Lake

Ginger of Biltmore Lake


This is Ginger of Biltmore Lake. She will be starring in our first issue of Lake Life Magazine set to come out later this month! She was rescued in California and brought here to Asheville, NC. She is very independent as most cats are and did not care that I had a camera in my hand with an agenda!  I did manage to catch a few cutie pie shots of her and they can be seen on my website under “Pets”.

This is what Mommy has to say, quoted from the Precious pets in Lake Life Magazine:

I am now 15-1/2 years old…that’s 79 in human years.  I guess that explains why my hearing isn’t so good anymore.  I’m glad because I don’t like thunderstorms and I don’t hear them anymore.  I might be old, but I still run around and play and eat food.  I like chasing things that mom throws on the floor…I’m still pretty quick for an old lady!  I am also very, very good at sleeping.  I have my favorite spot on mom and dad’s bed.  That’s okay unless I have one of my “kitty nightmares”.  I start whining really loud and wake them up around 3 o’clock in the morning.  That does NOT make them very happy.

I spend most of my days in the house because there are funny animals outside that mom doesn’t want me to bring inside.  I did bring her a mouse one day…she was not happy.  Sometimes I get to go outside and eat grass…I like that! When mom and dad go on vacation, I get to stay home all by myself!  My friend, Lauren Umberger, is my pet sitter.  She lives here at Biltmore Lake, too.  She comes and visits me twice a day.  Sometimes I will play with her and sometimes I don’t want to.

Mom and dad are retired so I get to have them home more.  When I want to, I sleep on their laps.  They like petting me and I think they are happy that they adopted me.  Mom gets mad at me when I sneak behind her embroidery machine or sleep on some fabric she has in a box.  She calls me a “brat cat”.  When I am good, dad gives me “treats”…I like those a lot!

If you ever see me in the front yard or on the front porch, you can try to say “hi”. But be quick because before you know it I’m back in the house.  I was taught to never talk to strangers!


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