Constant Sound

The Roaring Fork Nature Trail is an amazing place. Some of my best river, streams and creeks were taken here. I can’t wait to get back there this spring when it opens again. I spend all day just finding the right spot under the right conditions. The park’s light changes throughout the day so being patient is key. Shooting waterfalls or cascades requires just the right shooting conditions or a few really dark filters to cut down the light coming through the lens so you get that silky blurred effect, if that is your desire. I usually shoot with a shutter speed of anywhere from 1 – 6 seconds, depending on the filter I have with me and how sunny or shady it is. Shooting in diffused light helps to saturate the colors and it allows you to use a slower shutter speed without having to use a neutral density filter to stop down the light, but I almost always shoot my landscapes with a circular polarizer filter. This cuts reflections so you are able to almost see right through the water, and it also increases the saturation and makes really blue skies!

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