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Mickey the Big Black Lab


Mickey the Black Lab – this boy could run and man did he. I have actions shot’s that I will load into a gallery of him running, some are really funny. He was super fun and lives with two boys and of course mom and dad! Mickey is great with a Frisbee, you will see the shots…

Sasha The Albino Husky with Piercing Ice Blue Eyes


Sasha, the Albino Husky with piercing eyes. Sasha was a recent rescue, and she is a little shy. I did manage to capture a few shots of her. She is beautiful! 

Freddie The Freeloader- Dog Shoot


A fun shoot with a great Family in Biltmore Lake. Freddie is a rescue dog and lives with 3 kids who adore him. Freddie is a very lucky boy!

Bailee the flying Shih-tzu

Bailee the flying Shih-tzu

Well, I have to admit that this is my little angel! This little ball of fur is one of my greatest joys. Like all of our furry friends, that are our extended families, they provide such unconditional love to us. How many times have you come home from work, and they are there to greet you with no agenda only just to be with you for a few minutes… it’s pure joy.

Bailee is 11 1/2 and to see her run with a smiling face does my heart good. Its amazing that these lovable, adorable friends, that communicate with us in their own way, can make us feel so much! Sometimes you really don’t need words, just to be in the moment of now and feel!


Welcome to my Blog Site!

My desire is to bring you intriguing and beautiful images along with fresh insight.

In 2009, I retired from a successful 23 year career as an Interior Designer in the Kitchen & Bath industry designing luxury environments for South Florida and Carolina Mountain Lifestyles, to fulfill my desire and passion for Photography.

After graduating the Photography Institute, I continued my studies and self-taught the art of Interior Photography as well as Nature Photography, and several other styles of photography. My work is featured in many local and regional magazines.  Some say that my work has a three dimensional quality through my ability to perfect the capture of light.

With regard to my Interior and Architectural work, I partner with leading builders, architects and designers of the Carolina’s, Georgia, and Florida and produce professional photography for their website and print use, at affordable prices. I call this a partnership because the resulting images are used as visual aid for their website which in turn brings more business their way.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.

My nature work is featured throughout the region and abroad, and consistently delivers interesting perspectives and has a quality all of it’s own. I have a penchant for our Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Environs, and I photograph them in their awesome seasonal splendors!

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