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My edit process of an architectural shoot

The edit process for high end architectural shoot. from Deborah Scannell on Vimeo.

A review of the editing process of my architectural shoot of one image. This is not a tutorial of how I did it, but more of an overview as to why goes into my processing.


Curtis Island Lighthouse Action Winter 2017

See bigger and better QUALITY on my website – Temps were around 15 degrees as I recall. It is really hard to shoot for a long period of time, anything longer then 20 minutes in temps like that. Your batteries die sooner, way sooner, and your hands start to go numb… The dangerous thing is that your adrelanine is pumping so hard that you don’t realize it until you can’t move your fingers!!  A few tips… keep extra batteries on your body, wear sub-zero weather gloves and many layers of course.  I was wearing my ski clothes they work well!!! Keep hand-warmers in your pockets and shoes… Enjoy and be safe out there friends!  Another tip: when you come on to a snow scene make sure to stand back for a minute and determine where you want to shoot from so you don’t create footprints in your shot, unless there are foot prints there from before you!!  I like a clean clutter free scene, but you don’t always get it. This is why you make sure you are out before the sun comes up. Pack your car the night before but keep the batteries and cameras in your home.

Shooting the Lighthouse after a snow storm

Shooting the Lighthouse after a snow storm

Curtis Island lighthouse after s snow light storm

Curtis Island lighthouse after s snow light storm

Maine Morning

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Landscape Photography Video

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WP white orb kit before after-1

KKB Kitchen angle WP-2










633 Twilight



The Best of Houzz

Rainbow Over Curtis Lighthouse, Camden Maine

Rainbow Over Curtis LighthouseSuch an amazing thing to experience in person – we all had never seen such perfection in a rainbow – then a double rainbow appeared. Please see my other shots of the double rainbow over Rockport Marine. Simply and utterly magnificent!  While I was standing on the rocks at the edge of the cliff shooting this, I heard a flock of Canada Geese approaching. I knew I needed to be absolutely ready for their entrance, I was and when the started to enter my frame I made sure that my shot of them at the apex of the rainbow was as perfect as it could be! This is that result – © Deborah Scannell Photography – all rights reserved !  Contact me for licensing!!


Houzz – Deborah Scannell Photography

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