Captured at Frozen Looking Glass Falls

Ice Chaos


“Ice Chaos”
With an overcast sky and light snowfall in the air, you just can’t beat heading out of a little icescapes. Today, begin a Saturday, it was quite busy, everyone wanting to see and capture the ice. I got my usual shots and then headed down for several low angle, on the rock shots. I bit tricky today with the ice (be careful), but positioned myself in several good locations that I was able to stabilize my tripod. I used my variable 9 stop neutral density filter and really cranked it up, shot a few brackets and then dialed it down to allow more light to come in for a quicker shutter speed because their were so many people walking in and out of the shot. Thats a good trick… when you have to shoot fast enough to not have people walk into your shot, but slow enough to produce the silky water, having a variable neutral density filter really helps you to be able to tweak and customize you settings to suite your creative and reality based needs! I shot with my cable release and fired off a few in each area. Of course batteries don’t last more then 25 minutes or so. Trick is to keep another one on your body and then when you see it getting low, take it out, put the fresh one in, and put the older one close to your body where it is warm. In no time, it will recharge. I also shot some amazing close-ups of icicles, so go to my Facebook page to see more and while you are there, if you like what you see, why not like the page? I share all of my tips and tricks and have giveaways all the time! Thanks for you support!
Deb field shotField shot of Deb during the shoot!


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    maria Deckert January 26, 2014


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    Debra Cornelius January 26, 2014

    Wow wow wow…….amazing!!!!! so would have loved to been there!!!!

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